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Software tools for motion picture negative  scanning, conforming and archiving.


Film Fusion cuts the time required for scanning considerably by creating optimized scanning lists where every required shot is sorted in roll order and dissolves, wipes, speed changes and duplicate shots are calculated and the exact frames required are shown. There is no need to make any manual calculations when creating a scanning list.

Film Fusion can work with data from the original rushes as well as newly created sorted "select takes" film rolls.

It is even possible to create an optimized scanning EDL without access to the rushes telecine data provided the original lab rolls are intact.

Film Fusion can also export scanner specific lists for various scanners such as Northlight, Imagica XE and Arriscan as well as other file formats such as XML and Excel (CSV).

See our flow chart for digital intermediary post paths using Film Fusion.

Read more about Film Fusion and scanning for DI

Negative Matching and Conforming

Film Fusion is an integrated software solution designed for negative matching and can be used for creating scanning list, timecode EDLs, keycode cut lists and telecine log processing and logging.

While providing all the standard options that a scanning facility or negative cutter needs such as logging rushes, cutting copies and importing EDLs to create cut lists, Film Fusion also provides advanced EDL management and scan list tools. You can also log using barcode readers and synchronizers, manually enter data or import telecine logs such as Flex, OSC/R or ALE.


For film archival the physical location of key elements of a production is important as is the original keycode and timecode data that was used during post production. Film Fusion allows all the data and location of individual elements to be tracked and retained in a central data repository for future use when a film is remastered.

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"Film Fusion has advanced negative cutting software into the 21st century. After using DOS based software for the past 14 years, this is the software that we need to interact with the current and new editing systems and the new high definition and digital internegative finishing options as well as traditional print finishing. (more...)"      Steve Farman  Professional Negative Cutting Ltd
"The EDL management is particularly good in that it recognises speed changes and produces a complete online EDL that requires no changes other than the title or the odd note. (more...) Greg Chapman - Negthink Pty Ltd
"Finally, some software that is keeping us up-to date with the current advances in the industry. (more...)Chris Rowell - Chris Rowell Productions Pty Ltd.
"I had a particularly complex commercial with a fifteen layer EDL with almost every event involving speed changes. Film Fusion created a perfect Online EDL in less than one second compared to my old software which would have taken hours to do each speed change manually.(more...)" Roxane Delbarre - Vision Matching Pty Ltd.